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There is nothing more satisfying than a tall glass of lemonade and a good conversation.

Fare thee well. Life is a piece of toast in a big breakfast. Feasts are not for everyone though, understandably. We all have our preferences, but ultimately dinner is the most bittersweet. Peaches make an unsatisfying meal. Luckily, within one moon, the dishes are served once more, repeating their routine. What's the best time to eat sandwiches? That's right, noon time. A growing boy needs his lunch. Girls need their tea. Quite frankly a piping hot cup of tea, and a good book really turn me on. The mental stimulation I get from absorping knowledge is almost orgasmic. Infinite Jest reminds me of South Park. Jazz is dead, but punk is alive. Isn't it ironic how I was being ironic within the confines I laid bare before you? Leaf. Queef. Oops, I said a naughty word. Hello, how are you?